F.P. De León

Move and the way will open

Bodytribe Strength Coach (Physical Culture, Strength & Conditioning, Developmentally Disabled).


my client, who has down syndrome, works on mobility, range of motion, and strength. 

i've worked with adults with developmental disabilities for almost twenty years. the most common question i am asked is the difference between training adults with developmental disabilities and non-disabled adults. 

the difference is that the cues have to be curated to their experience - how the process (or interpretation of said process) at the moment relates to them. the difference is personalising the integrating movement with specificity; how it evolves constantly - within that hour, day, month, year, decade. the difference is recognising that the arc of the moment over time will bend towards the integration of movement. 

sound familiar? it's because it's your fucking program, too. that's not meant to be glib. the timeline may look different but the journey is the same. for all of us. 

frc® mobility specialist

onnit academy certified

bodytribe strength coach


physical culture, strength & conditioning, developmentally disabled