F.P. De León

Move and the way will open

Bodytribe Strength Coach (Physical Culture, Strength & Conditioning, Developmentally Disabled).

No gods, no heroes was a punk rock platitude by which I’ve lived most of my life. A precious few people can back up what they speak on, and Fred is, without a doubt, one of those scarce individuals. A colleague at Bodytribe, Fred became a source of inspiration and knowledge for myself and fellow Tribers. Ignore his undying humility – the man is an incredible font of knowledge, sensitivity, and a truly amazing friend and coach. His ability to empathize, teach and move is second to none. He is a joy to work with and a rare individual.


As I became more experienced, I had the opportunity to mix various modalities into different combinations, but there was still structure: couplets, triplets, weightlifting component, gymnastics component, mono structural. Lather, rinse, repeat. So...I tell you all that to tell you this. I am interested in a more holistic approach. Concentrate on the movement for the movement's sake. Worry less about time and aesthetics, and more about using your body to its fullest potential. Skip the 100 pull ups, and concentrate on 30 really good, tight, DELIBERATE, pull ups. [Fred has] a very easy teaching style and I sincerely appreciate the time he spent with me.

~Drew (crossfit coach and gym owner)

I have spent the last 6 years on a personal journey to become a healthier, stronger and more active person, thankfully two years ago I was referred to Fred and I have never felt better! Prior to meeting Fred I had dabbled and bounced around in many different genres of fitness before finding my home. I started on my own in a “traditional gym” applying whatever experience I had from high school athletics. I joined several boot camps and worked with a couple different personal trainers. I even did a year with Crossfit. Each new place and experience taught me more and slowly began to sharpen my knowledge about diet and exercise, but when I met and began working with Fred, he taught me the beauty of movement and strength. It is simply mind blowing. Training with Fred has made me stronger than I have ever been in my life! He has taken the time to help me with food education and the most ideal ways to fuel my body. We threw out a lot of my old ways of thinking and Fred has shown me how to listen to my body and workout smart. Fred’s teachings are extremely form minded and I see the gradual improvement daily. Fred is always encouraging, finding ways to push me to new levels of achievement without aggression or pressure. He is kind of magical in that way. 


This man is not only my friend, but he is also my strength coach. He has motivated me to lift really heavy things, do some pretty awesome movements, and be a better person and athlete. As a cyclist he has helped me to become stronger in the saddle, helping me climb hills and pedal far. If you need that kind of inspiration in your life, go to www.moveandthewaywillopen.com. He will change your life.


One of my favorite people. Thanks for constantly enriching my life. For my sac[ramento] friends, you couldn't ask for a more supportive coach to push you to be the best version of you.


frc® mobility specialist

onnit academy certified

bodytribe strength coach


physical culture, strength & conditioning, developmentally disabled